e-Nagar Project
e-Nagar Project
Gujarat Urban Development Mission. Govt. of Gujarat.

e-Nagar Project

e-Nagar Project

e-Nagar Project

Envisaging the next big step in e-governance and m-governance, Government of Gujarat has launched the e-Nagar project to bring all the Urban Local Bodies at par on common platform to provide citizen centric services and solutions for Urban Local Bodies along with tailoring of existing applications at various Municipal Corporations / ULBs / Urban Authorities.

e-Nagar project is technology based citizen centric approach and has transformed the way urban citizens perceive the administrative machinery. Irrespective of the place of habitation, a citizen can visit the e-Nagar portal online for availing end to end citizen centric services of ULBs. Citizens can submit the application for payment of required fees/taxes/charges and can obtain online registration/ certificate etc. Citizens have hassle free, fingertip access to check the status of the application made. The objective of the project is to provide a single window solution of ULBs to citizen through Information and Communications Technology (ICT) infrastructure by the State Government.

This project is intended to strengthen the governance and broaden the public participation by leveraging the ICT for sustained improvement in service delivery. Gujarat has total 156 Municipalities, 8 Municipal Corporations and 127 Urban Development/Area Authorities which are presently being served by eNagar.


The key objectives of the project are:

  • a) To provide Citizen Centric Services through e-governance (state central web portal) and m-governance (mobile platform) at a large scale of citizens to avail citizen centric services of ULBs across state of Gujarat
  • b) To improve internal processes for better management, efficient revenue collection and informed decision making
  • c) To have a cost & time efficient, personalised, transparent and scalable Web based citizen centric service and real-time back office operation support system which is easily distributable and customizable for further replication in all Municipalities across the Gujarat.
  • d) To make all ULBs services accessible to the common man in his locality, through common service delivery outlets and ensure efficiency, transparency & reliability of such services to realize the basic needs of the common man.
  • e) To enhance ULBs service through efficient, responsive and transparent e-Governance systems this reduces the time frame for approving and fast realization of the revenue.
  • f) Standardize e-Governance solutions across different ULBs, on interoperable technology platforms with compatibility for forward and backward integration.
  • g) This centralised platform achieves three important goals: Increase in digital transactions, reducing the cost to government, and delivering quality services to businesses and citizens.
  • h) To create healthy and trusted relationships with the citizens

Main Modules:

The project covers 10 Modules with 44 services:

a) Building Permission: 11 services
b) Property tax: 4 services
c) Water & Drainage: 2 services
d) Professional Tax: 1 services
e) Shop & Establishment: 3  services
f) Fire & Emergency: 2 services
g) Marriage Registration: 1 services
h) Hall Booking: 2 services
i) Estate Management: 2 services
j) Complaints & Grievance: 16 services

eNagar Mobile app:

Hon’ble CM has launched eNagar Mobile app to improve ease of access to citizen services of ULBs

Mobile app feature

  • Quick Pay facility
  • Property Link/Delink
  • Digitally signed certificates
  • Live tracking of application
  • Dashboard

Brief Details of each module:

  • Property Tax - Tax payment, Request/ Complaint Registration, Property Assessment, Self-Assessment and Check New Tenement Number.
  • Water & Drainage - New Water/ Drainage Connection Application, Close Connection Application, Reopen Connection Application, Re-tapping Application, Plumber License Application and Renew of Plumber License Application.
  • Building Permission - License Application, Building Permission, Building Use Certificate Application and Apply for Issuance of Part Plan/ Zoning/ F-Form.
  • Registration of Marriage - Marriage Registration application, search for marriage records and download necessary documents.
  • Shops and Establishment (S&E) - New S&E Application, Modify S&E Registration, Renewal of S&E Registration, Apply for Duplicate Certificate, Cancellation of Registration of S&E, and Apply Issuance of Hawkers License.
  • Professional Tax - EC and RC Application, EC Payment, Name/Address Update Application, Category Update Application and Bank Details Update, Exemption for EC and Cancellation Request.
  • Hall Booking - Check Hall Availability, Hall Reservation, Cancel Reservation and Change Reservation Date.
  • Complaint and Grievance - Register and Track Compliant for Categories like Water and Drainage Related, Streetlight, Garbage and Sanitation, Road Repair and Man-Hole Related Problem and so on
  • Fire & Emergency Services - Fire NOC Application, Renew of Fire NOC application, Emergency Call Registration
  • Estate Management - Renting of Estate Unit, Estate Rent Payment, Tenant Name Transfer Application, Renting of Hoardings and Sign Boards Application, Installment Payment, Cancellation of Rent Agreement Application.
  • Mobile Tower: Approval of Mobile tower

Benefits project implementation is as under:

  • Revolutionary shift in the way citizens use various citizen centric services of ULBs.
  • Electronic Interface with various stake holders gives holistic view, elimination of delay and increment in transparency
  • Unlocking true potential of Government administrative mechanism to deliver various citizen centric services of ULBs.
  • Better informed citizens lead to better delivery of ULBs services through SMS and email alerts at each & every stage of application.
  • Integration with CM dashboard for KPI (Key Performance Indicators) monitoring at state level.
  • Reduction in mal-practicing using Digital signature integration and Barcode/ QR code-enabled certificate generation.
  • Average Turnaround Time (TAT) of service completion is reduced in days compared to months.
  • Mobile-enabled platform provides Omni channel and On-demand access (Anytime, anywhere) citizen services.
  • Rule-based workflow engine and a secured centralized document management platform.
  • Free & fair interaction between Citizens and ULBs administration.
  • Cross-integration between independent department’s systems and coordination between agencies for enhancing citizen services facilitation. (CM Dashboard. Monitoring. Services Improve. Real time updated to citizens and ULBs. Ease of Doing Business. Integration with IFP).
e-Nagar Project
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