Capacity Building | Gujarat Urban Development Mission, Govt. of Gujarat.
Capacity Building | Gujarat Urban Development Mission, Govt. of Gujarat.
Gujarat Urban Development Mission. Govt. of Gujarat.

Capacity Building

Capacity Building

Gujarat Urban Development Institute (GUDI)

To be a Centre of Excellence in Urban Development with an overarching purpose of extending technical assistance and capacity building support to state and urban local bodies for effective implementation of urban agenda. GUDI strives to make urban institutions in Gujarat accountable, transparent, and responsive and citizen centric.

GUDI Philosophy

The basic objective of the GUDI is to ensure professional urban management to equip the cities to tap their full potential by offering demand responsive capacity building and technical assistance and to be a Think-Tank of the state urban development department”.

To this effect, GUDI will support the sector through a multi-disciplinary, multi-sectoral perspective to a range of leading-edge urban issues like, real estate management & land use planning, environmental issues, climate change, urban afforestation, water body management, river front development, lake development, development of satellite towns including economic development of cities etc.

GUDI will provide platform to use latest technological interventions like Artificial Intelligence (AI), Internet of Things (IoT), Block Chain (BT) etc.

The emphasis will be on training, technical assistance, policy development support, applied research, process facilitation and information sharing.

Capacity Building Chart

The Themes of support are

Developmental Support

  • Support to State, SLNA & ULB in Project formulation, implementation and evaluation
  • Provide technical support to the state government in its functions to promote, develop and manage urbanization in the state.
  • To prepare State Urbanization Policy and Vision Plan for Gujarat Urban Development

Capacity Building

  • Develop and offer relevant short, medium and long-term training programmes in relevant fields involving elected representatives, state nodal agencies and official of ULBs and Civil Society;
  • To offer Urban Development, Planning as well as management level courses
  • Partnering and get support from global institution, multilateral institutions
  • Partnering international institutes

State Urban Information Resource Center

  • Develop and operate Internet Portal on urbanization in Gujarat
  • Development & Maintain MIS, DSS and uniform e-governance modules and software

Applied Research and Development

  • Undertake applied research to identify and document best practices in the state and elsewhere
  • Respond to the need of the State on a range of development policy and management agenda through applied research and policy assessments;

Knowledge Management

  • GUDI will have strong connection with Business and Industry. It will offer space for Start -up and innovative technologies. GUDI would plug into and reflect the evolving sentiments of the market and Young Professionals
  • To be a repository of knowledge base in the state about urban development
  • Provide platform to share Best Practices amongst other cities
  • Create public opinion and awareness about government initiatives in urban development and poverty alleviation by holding seminars, making and publishing reports and using the electronic media, etc.
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